To be remembered when you’re no more according to President Benjamin Franklin,

You either write something worth reading or do something worth writing about.

So, if you want to hone your writing skill, make your voice heard, give yourself online presence or better still, pull traffic or get noticed on the internet, we can help you make that a reality.
We accept guest post from genuine and sincere authors, webmasters and bloggers like you and we will publish it on this website for our esteemed global readers.
If you’re willing and you’ve gotten something awesome and mind blowing to share with our highly esteemed readers on this website, kindly follow the guidelines below:
Your article must fall into one of these categories:
• Education
• Leadership
• Entrepreneurship/Business
• Scholarship
• Family life/Relationship
• Reading and writing
• Public speaking
• How to
• Real life /poem
• Personal growth/development
• Blogging
• Sport and recreation

The article must be informative, educative and intended to add value to our highly esteemed army of readers. The article must be your original work; it must be plagiarism free and must not have been published elsewhere either in print or on the web (including your own blog or website). You may however make a short quotation or reference to it on your site that links to the post.
A picture they say speaks a thousand words. So, endeavor to Include 1 or 2 images that correspond to your post. If you’re using images from Google or somewhere else, please, ensure you give the photo owner credit (e.g. Photo credit: Google).
You must provide a short biography about yourself in 15 words and a link to your social network page or website. This will enable our readers to get to know you better.
Rich and quality content is what our readers want. Therefore, your post could be at least 350-400 words long and it could be lesser if it is a poem.
Readers Are Leaders Nigeria has the right to copy-edit your post for grammar, punctuation, spelling etc and if much error is found, your attention will be drawn before the post is published on our website.
Please confirm that you will be available to respond to inquisitive questions and comment from our readers about your post.
If your article meets the standards stated above and you agree to abide by the requirement stipulated along side, send us your article as an attached MS Word document to: info@readersareleadersngn.net with Guest Post as the subject line.

Once your article is scrutinized and found worthy of publishing on our website, it will be published and you will be notified immediately.
We look forward to reading your first guest post.
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