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Intellectual Real Estate—The Power of Idea

The world we live in is not ruled by men of strength and muscle, but by men of ideas. It is crystal clear that idea rules the world of the 21st century. And what is idea? Idea is the power to think, imagine, create and innovate. And where can you find it? It is in books and it is in you!

Before I give any advice or suggestions to anyone, I would like to preface it with my background. I believe it is important to understand the credentials of the one giving advice, before taking the advice into consideration.   Respectfully, it is difficult to take financial advice from a homeless person. Or driving advice from someone who has never been behind the wheel of a car.

So, here’s me, in a nutshell: I am in my late 20’s, I have amassed over $1 million USD in real estate within the US, I have investments in multiple cash flowing businesses, and I am in charge of several projects for 2 very successful massive corporations, I get to drive a different car every week, and I get to give my free time and resources to those who need them.

As a successful real estate investor, people hear of my triumphs and successes and sometimes ask, “How did you get lucky?” or “If it were that easy everyone would be doing it” or even “I could never do that, how do you?”   The truth of my success begins with God and the abilities with which he has blessed me, and which I will be sharing with you.

I was living week to week. Paycheck to paycheck. I could barely pay my bills, and I wanted a better life for myself and my family. The banks wouldn’t lend me money, and all of my family and friends were broke. Some of my friends would have to raise money, just to be broke.

Regardless of circumstances, I loved to hear of success stories. I loved reading about people who have made something out of nothing. So I prayed, and read, and researched, and talked to people to unlock the creativity and critical thinking abilities within myself.   My research was on the commonalities between the richest people in the world. I read about people who started like me, and accomplished great feats. Through reading, I uncovered that real estate was a major commonality. It was shared between all of the Forbes richest people.

At the time, unfortunately I didn’t have money.   I didn’t have contacts. I knew a little about construction and managing projects. And I knew how much money I wanted to make.   The best part of all of that, was that I knew what I didn’t know. I had read that all real estate investors need; Money, Contacts, Construction Knowledge, Knowledge of How to Manage, and Goals (Among other things). Because I had read several articles which said the same things, I knew what I didn’t have. I read other books and articles about creative real estate strategies…and that inspired The Idea.

I had found other people with the same interests, but who also had problems achieving their goal of investing in real estate. We had read a lot of the same books and articles, which allowed us to share more than just real estate in common. I talked to them about their struggles, and discovered that many of them lacked the construction knowledge and the ability to manage projects. I thought, “Yay! That’s what I’m good at!” One of the people I had talked to had money, but didn’t want to work to grow it. Another was a “social butterfly” and knew several people.

I turned my idea into a plan. I showed them my plan of how we can work together to accomplish our goals, and the rest is history.

Through that single idea, spurned by literature, came a great opportunity to become a leader and a part of something that is bigger than I am.

Although your passion may not be real estate, I would like to urge you to join as a community of young readers, to develop a strong team with similar goals, and achieve the highest levels of success together.







Chris Harrell
Investor & Entrepreneur
Ohio, United States.

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